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Property app

RoomFlick is a private rental marketplace for spare rooms and properties.

With spiralling rental costs, more people are sharing properties than ever before. Finding the right place - and the right people to live with - isn’t easy. The process of renting a spare room hasn’t really changed since listings sites like Craiglist first came on the scene 20 years ago. 55% of Londoners are renting and a staggering 90% of those people are living in shared accommodation.

RoomFlick founder Ross Nichols explains the reasoning for creating this app: "Every week on Facebook we were seeing our friends share updates like ‘Does anyone know anyone looking for a room?’ so we set about creating a solution to that problem. More often than not, people would rather live with somebody they know, a friend of a friend or with somebody that shares the same interests as them. We think it’s really important to find somebody you love living with rather than just have to put up with.

RoomFlick uses social connections to match people with spare rooms. It’s like Spareroom meets Tinder for the rental market.

We began working on RoomFlick in December last year and launched our beta version in June. It’s been a great journey so far and now we’re part of the Tech Business Awards, we’re really looking forward to the year ahead. "