Tech Business Awards


Below outlines the benefits for the 10 companies selected for the Blick Rothenberg Tech Business Programmes.


Successful applicants will receive:

Free services:
  • You will receive first class mentoring for the founder/owner manager on an on-going basis.
  • You will receive one hour consultation per month with a partner.
  • We will conduct a corporation tax review including an assessment of the business’ eligibility for R&D tax credits and the patent box regime to ensure the maximum amount of tax reliefs are claimed.
  • We will conduct an investor tax review on your business to understand whether the company is eligible for future investors to obtain SEIS and/or EIS relief.
  • We will conduct a VAT review to ensure that the company is VAT compliant and understand the requirements.
  • We will conduct a HR review to make sure that as an employer, the company is complaint with the rules and regulations.
  • You will be introduced to other trusted service providers (book-keeping services, fund-raising services, EIS funds, PE firms, VCs, lawyers, patent attorneys, property brokers and recruiters). It is important that you have the right advisors who are reputable to make your business a success.

Discounted services:
  • You will benefit from discounted year end compliance fees.
  • We assess whether you are eligible for making an R&D tax credit claim and if you are we will assist you in making the claim at a discounted rate.
  • We will provide discounted company secretarial services.